HANDSOAKED INCENSE -  Bob carefully soaks FLOBO incense sticks & cones in premium fragrance oils for a minimum of 24 hours. He makes each scent in small batches so that it is always fresh & offers you the ultimate fragrance experience. No dried out sticks or cones here!

SEASONAL MERCHANDISE- You never know what you will find at FLOBOcreations! Seasonally FLOBO carries Wind Chimes, Sun Catchers, Garden Stakes, Hot Air Balloon Spinners & more.

CHRISTMAS- Bob searches all year long for unique & quality gift & decorative items for Christmas.

ESSENTIAL OILS- be assured that FLOBO Essential Oils are 100% Pure & Natural, steam distilled. I private label them under our FLOBO so that I am able to sell them to you at a lower cost. FLOBO has been selling fragrance & essential oils, misters & diffusers long before it became trendy. Why pay a higher price just for a name & marketing?